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Warpflux Corporation (2007-2022)

Note: We have permanently closed. We thank all of the wonderful clients and customers we had the pleasure to serve over the years! At some point the Warpflux Site will revert back to it's more geeky non-business format. (some which has already started with tongue-in-cheek comments and less-than-professional edits & updates to the site). A history of Warpflux Corporation will remain, as a gone but not forgotten legacy, as Jonathan shifts things back to a more personal website.

We were a Christian family & Native American owned, small business, incorporated in the state of Alabama. Located in Huntsville, the home of one of the world's largest research parks, along with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Redstone Arsenal, and the US Space & Missile Defense Command, we were at the heart of emerging research and technologies.

Warpflux provided innovative technical solutions for small business I.T. needs, computer recovery and web design services to the public, along with some optical and electrical engineering support in our first years.

Engineers, geeks, scientists, and gamers composed who we were, and we were passionate about technology. We worked hard to maintain our reputation as trustworthy, honest, and responsible.

Warpflux started out as a personal project in 1994 by founder Jonathan Mills while he was completing his Eagle Scout, consulting to provide web design services, workstation and server design, linux deployments, cyber security, and data recovery. During the 2000's Jonathan's Engineering degree led to a number of projects involving Laser Propulsion, Real-Time Programming, Digital Holography, and advanced web based applications.

The Warpflux website became self-aware came online in 2001 as Jonathan's new personal webspace, after prior sites at Geocities, Renaissance, and HiWAAY. Warpflux incorporated on March 7, 2007 to accommodate moving into a store / lab space to do more web / support projects.

Warpflux changed over the years to encompass the experience and capabilities of its employees in Information Technology, Web Systems, Cyber Security, Tech Support, Programming, and Engineering. Jonathan has since shifted back to academia, science, and research.

At our roots, our goal remained same as when we started, To Give Back To The Community. Our passion was technology and helping others use it safely.

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